Salsa Tasting – Competición de Salsa

Festival Latino will present a salsa cook-off. Event attendees can taste and vote for their favorites. If you would like to enter your salsa into the cook-off please fill out the entry form here.

Festival Latino presentará una competition de salsa. Assitentes al evento podrán saborear y elegir su salsa favorita. Si quieres participar en la competición puedes acceder a este enlace.


Huerto de La Familia‘s families will prepare delicious tamales, which will be available for sale during the event in two locations.

Las families de Huerto estarán vendiendo deliciosos tamales durante el evento.

Food Carts – Carritos de Comida

Two food carts, Xoco and Viva Oaxaca El Buen Sabor, will on be on site serving delicious food for many tastes.

Xoco y Viva Oaxaca El Buen Sabor estarán serviendo el publico durante el evento.

Beer – Cerveza

An outdoor beer garden near the Main Stage will serve locally brewed craft beer as well as Bud Light and Montejo.  Claim 52 will be selling their locally brewed craft beer as well as wine and cider inside of the Abbey.

Cervezas de fabricación artesanal y otras como Bud Light y Montejo esatrán disponibles en una area al aire libre próximo al escenário principal. Claim 52 estará vendiendo su cerveza artesanal así como vino y sidra en el interior de Sprout!


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